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National Fitness Day comes to a leisure centre near you!

Posted by Paul Rayner on 20-Sep-2018 16:52:48


1Life is throwing open its doors to provide free activities for everyone as part of National Fitness Day 2018, Wednesday 26th September - the most active day of the year.

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1Life Exercise Classes That Are Fun For The Whole Family

Posted by Paul Rayner on 28-Aug-2018 17:37:00

The quiet rise in parent-child workouts has taken Matt Roberts (a London fitness guru and personal trainer to the stars) by surprise, he explains “There has been a real change with parent-child relationships becoming more social, with many now enjoying exercising together,” (Daily Telegraph, April 2018). Some experts suggest the rise in families working out together, is a backlash to all the screen time and scaremongering about technology creating a sedentary generation.

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Health Benefits Of Keeping Fit After 50

Posted by Paul Rayner on 23-Aug-2018 16:25:00

Let’s face it, as we age, there’s a temptation to take it a little easier – make things less painful. Instead of carrying heavy bags home from the shop, we do online shopping and have it delivered. We might swap the sports we play from physically demanding ones – and ones in which injuries are a real threat – for slightly more leisurely ones. Football changes to golf and netball to swimming, perhaps.

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Get A 1Life Pass And Try Our Fantastic Gym Classes And Facilities

Posted by Paul Rayner on 19-Aug-2018 14:37:00

We’re so confident in our facilities here at 1Life that we are willing to let you come along and use all of them completely free of charge! That’s right, we are offering you a completely free one-day pass to come along and give us a test drive.

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6 Easy Exercises To Do At Home

Posted by Paul Rayner on 15-Aug-2018 17:30:00

Over recent years, there has been a shift towards working out at home, with the rise of online programmes, apps and fitness wearables. Here at 1life – we want to support your fitness and wellbeing journey to complement your classes, swimming or gym sessions, by offering support and guidance on easy exercises to do at home. We’ve selected 6 exercises, which require no equipment and help build lean muscle, burn calories and boost endorphins when combined into a short HIIT session, designed to train the whole body in just 20 minutes.

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Best Home Exercise For Busy Parents

Posted by Paul Rayner on 13-Aug-2018 12:01:00

How many times have you thought you should really do some exercise – but just “don’t have the time”? There’s always shopping to sort out, food to prepare, clothes to wash, cleaning to do – never mind attending to the million and one things that your children need your help with.

For many parents, the idea of visiting a gym, perhaps followed by a relaxed swim or a sauna, is such a distant dream that they might as well plan a moon landing. But while there’s no escaping the fact that staying fit and exercising does require discipline and effort, it is a bit of a misconception that exercising HAS to take up a lot of time.

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How You Can Improve Your Physical Strength As You Get Older

Posted by Paul Rayner on 10-Aug-2018 12:01:00

Maintaining your muscle mass and overall strength is really important when it comes to functioning well in your older years. Keeping up the strength and ability to balance, for example, is crucial in reducing risk of injuries and helping you live independently later on.

You might not want to think about it just yet, but each year, around 30 percent of people aged 60 and over will have a fall, which can result in serious injury. In total, falls account for more than 4 million hospital bed days every year.

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Try Our Three Month Membership And Start Seeing Results

Posted by Paul Rayner on 09-Aug-2018 11:14:00

When you start a new health and fitness programme you do so with the intention of seeing and feeling results. Whether you’re working towards a fitness goal, you want to relax and unwind or you just want to feel healthier – it’s all about outcomes!

If weight loss is your goal it’s said that it can take four weeks for you to see and feel the difference in your body, eight weeks for friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to appreciate how great you look?

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How Do Your Nutritional Needs Change As You Age?

Posted by Paul Rayner on 07-Aug-2018 17:13:00

The importance of having a balanced, nutritious diet increases as you age. This is because ageing is linked to a variety of changes in the way your body functions. It is good to recognise these changes, as some of them might affect the amount of nutrients we absorb from food.  

As you age, you may find that you eat less than previously. Many people experience a reduced appetite, while others might take medication which affects their eating habits – or suffer from dental issues which make consuming some foods difficult.

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5 Exercises To Do At Home To Lose Weight

Posted by Paul Rayner on 04-Aug-2018 08:46:00

Life is busy, fact. For many of us sometimes there just isn’t time in the day to drive to the gym, do a spin class or head out for a run or a walk. The daily demands can leave even the most motivated of us frustrated at not being able to workout. Well, here at 1Life, we’ve devised a fat busting, time efficient circuit of simple yet effective exercises, which can be done at home (or on holiday, if you are heading away) to help keep that metabolism working effectively, boosting fat loss and helping to build lean muscle.

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