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9 Really Bad Lifestyle Habits You Need to Change!

Posted by Paul Rayner on 19-Jul-2018 08:57:00

We all have our vices and sometimes in life you can’t always be good 100% of the time, but here are some lifestyle habits you need to look at addressing and changing to be more healthy and positive.

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How Exercise Can Improve Mental Health

Posted by Paul Rayner on 16-Jul-2018 09:06:00

Many of us use the gym and exercise in a bid to stay in shape and keep our bodies fit but there are many other benefits exercise and physical activity can offer us. Exercise can have a huge impact on mental health and recent research from The Training Room, the leading educators of Personal Trainers (PTs) and fitness professionals, shows that more and more people are seeking advice from qualified PTs to help manage mental health issues. More than 55% of the PTs questioned reported that they are seeing an increase in clients approach them for help and support around mental health concerns.

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12 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Exercise

Posted by Paul Rayner on 12-Jul-2018 12:02:51

The rise in the use of tablets and smartphones amongst young children is believed to be creating long-term health risks for the UK. A UKactive poll of parents suggests that almost nine in ten British mums and dads (87%) feel that increased use of tablets and smartphones by children has contributed to a decline in the amount of exercise they do.

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Small Healthy Lifestyle Changes that a Make Big Impact

Posted by Paul Rayner on 02-Jul-2018 16:01:00

We all want to look and feel healthy right? But sometimes all you need are a few little changes to your lifestyle which can make a big impact on how you feel. Here are some simple and effective lifestyle changes that you will see and feel making a difference!

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Group Exercise Classes the Whole Family Will Love!

Posted by Paul Rayner on 29-Jun-2018 08:57:00

We all know physical activity and keeping fit is good for us but not everyone wants to run on a treadmill or pump iron in the weights section of the gym. Group fitness classes are a great way to keep fit and active in a friendly and social environment.

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Quick and Easy Healthy Family Meals

Posted by Paul Rayner on 27-Jun-2018 08:02:00

These days we’re all expected to be super-mum or dad or grandparent. Juggling work, exercise, kids activities, the school run….it’s never ending. Living healthy isn’t always easy and we understand you won’t always have time to prepare a gourmet mid-week meal, so here are some ideas and inspiration of tasty and healthy ingredients you can use to prepare quick and healthy family meals. And please scroll to the bottom for links to other websites for recipe ideas. 

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The Importance of Family Fitness at 1Life

Posted by Paul Rayner on 25-Jun-2018 15:58:09

Rebecca and Emyr moved out of London in 2016 and a year later, Mia was born. Both Mum and Dad always had a strong and keen interest in sport and keeping fit, so it was important this continued when they became parents.

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10 of the Best Lifestyle Blogs

Posted by Paul Rayner on 22-Jun-2018 08:31:00

Whilst we like to promote and encourage you to exercise and be active when you can we also know that there’s sometimes nothing better than kicking back on the sofa with a good book. However, sometimes committing to a book can be a challenge. There is a great alternative, reading blogs. Blogs and bloggers come in all varieties and there’s always something for everyone. Bloggers typically give you a ‘warts and all’ guide to their lives or new products / services or experiences. 

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1Life’s World Cup Work Out!

Posted by David Conway on 21-Jun-2018 16:00:15

With world cup fever taking hold of the nation, 1Life has devised three exercises you can do at home, or in the gym, with a football! So even if you’re not a fan you can still get into the football spirit!

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How a Personal Trainer Can Help Create a Healthy and Happy Exercise Routine

Posted by Paul Rayner on 18-Jun-2018 08:58:00

Training with a personal trainer (PT) is no longer a luxury enjoyed by the rich and famous. The benefits they can offer you and your training routine are plentiful and they can make an incredible difference to your lifestyle.
There are believed to be over 25,000 personal trainers in the UK, which means there promises to be PT to suit everyone’s personality and fitness type; whether you need some tough love, or you want someone who is encouraging and empathetic they’ll be a PT for you. The goal of a PT is to work with their client to offer support, advice, guidance and programmes to help them achieve health and fitness related goals.

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