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10 Of The Best Lifestyle Blogs

Posted by Paul Rayner on 22-Jun-2018 08:31:00
Paul Rayner

Ten of the Best Lifestyle Blogs

Whilst we like to promote and encourage you to exercise and be active when you can we also know that there’s sometimes nothing better than kicking back on the sofa with a good book. However, sometimes committing to a book can be a challenge. There is a great alternative, reading blogs. Blogs and bloggers come in all varieties and there’s always something for everyone. Bloggers typically give you a ‘warts and all’ guide to their lives or new products / services or experiences. 

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Here we give you the low down on ten lifestyle blogs, which we think you might enjoy! And if you have any recommendations of blogs you like and enjoy, please feel free to tell us!

  1. Forever Amber - Amber is a journalist-turned blogger who has battled with severe health anxiety in order to have a baby (born in 2017). She’s also the author of My Blogging Secrets and Closet Essentials: 60 Core Pieces and How to Wear Them.

  2. The Runner Beans - The Runner Beans was created by marathon runner, fitness junkie and self-professed foodie, Charlie Watson to make fitness and healthy eating more accessible without missing out on any of the good things in life. The award-winning blog features sportswear reviews, workout and exercise tips, marathon experiences, and provides uplifting and informative posts on general well-being, fitness, and mental health.

  3. Fitness on Toast - Faya Nilsson created Fitness on Toast in 2013. A personal trainer, and now author, interviewer and Instagram star, Faya shares the holistic way of living and offers nutritional advice, recipes, workouts, sports fashion, and informative ideas that can help you find success on your fitness journey. Fitness on Toast includes information on how to maintain your health and wellbeing while traveling, retreats that specialise in body and mind, healthy recipes, and plenty of inspiration to keep you motivated.

  4. Too Fat to Run - Julie Creffield created her blog The Fat Girls Guide To Running while on a mission to prove that being fit doesn’t necessarily have to mean being slim. Founder of a running club that motivates and encourages larger women to run and embrace their bodies, while helping them to develop a healthier and happier lifestyle, Julie uses the blog to provide marathon and running advice, details on routes her group takes, and updates and successes from members of the club.

  5. Father Fitness - Father Fitness was created by Paul Stainthorpe to document his fitness journey after becoming a first-time dad. Paul explored a variety of different workout techniques before finding the right balance for him, and uses Father Fitness to share the expertise that he has learned (and continues to learn) along the way. Paul’s blog has expanded to cover charity work, exercising around kids, family, health, nutrition, weight loss and product reviews.

  6. Imperfect Matter - This is a hub for all things health and fitness related. Cat’s mission is to enjoy a very happy and healthy life doing the things she loves, whilst trying to help others make positive changes to their lives by reviewing the best products, working with the best brands & having a go at the best fitness classes out there, as well as trying my hand at some healthy recipes. Cat is an ex-gymnast and dancer and now yoga teacher.

  7. The FMLY Man - The FMLY Man is a relatively new blogzine for dads from the folk at SelfishMother.com. This is where dads can share what they’re really feeling – about any aspect of life, parenthood, work or kids. Fatherhood is changing! There isn’t a stereotypical dad mould these days. All dads are different and have a unique voice. A very funny, straight-talking and honest blog.

  8. Deliciously Ella - As a self-described former "sugar monster", Ella Woodward overhauled her diet after being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, a rare and debilitating illness that causes everything from headaches to fainting. When conventional medicine couldn't help her symptoms, Ella cut out all junk and switched to eating only plant-based foods – and the impact on her health was mind-blowing. Now she shares her super healthy, and more importantly, super delicious recipes through her blog and popular app.

  9. Picky Eater Blog - Anjali is a certified health coach whose blog was borne out necessity – having always been very aware and 'picky' about the food she ate, she married an avid junk food fan, and has made it her project to streamline their eating styles ever since. She divides her recipes into cuisine types like Mexican, Asian and Italian, and provides nutritional info per serving with her recipes, which is incredibly helpful if you're counting the cals.

  10. Whole Heartedly Laura - Wholeheartedly Healthy is brought to you by Laura Agar Wilson. Through the blog Laura adds an often-forgotten ingredient into the mix of what we eat – a healthy mind-set. Through her blog Laura aims to bring this to the forefront and even offers one-to-one health coaching on the site.