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1Life Centre With Excellent Classes For Families And Children

Posted by Paul Rayner on 17-Apr-2018 09:01:00
Paul Rayner

Family Exercise Class

British children are among the least active in the world, with fitness levels on a downward trajectory. It seems movement and physical activity is being excluded from modern lifestyle with children weaned on screen-time and lacking time outdoors. The government advice says children should do at least an hour of moderate intensity physical activity per day for a healthy lifestyle.

We have some good news though! There's no scarcity of activities that children can enjoy.  If you can get your child interested in an activity when they’re young, exercise and fitness are more likely to become a habit that lasts a lifetime.  

Global fitness experts Les Mills developed Born to Move™ classes, which take the effort out of activity by making it fun. It combines motivating and scientifically proven mix of age-appropriate movement with music. The classes captivate children from toddlers to teens and has the potential to foster a lifelong love of movement and exercise.  

Woughton Leisure Centre in the heart of Milton Keynes is leading the way in children’s fitness. It currently runs several Born to Move classes, which are proving extremely popular with local families.

All the classes incorporate a virtual screen but are led by Born to Move™ Activators who bring each class to life with fun and engaging story-telling or moves. The classes are 45 minutes in duration and run daily.  

Children and young people thrive on the enjoyment and sense of belonging, making new friends and developing social skills but most importantly they start to fall in love with movement and exercise and set themselves up for healthy habits in the future.  

For more information about Born to Move™ as well as family and children’s activities at Woughton Leisure Centre please click here.


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