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6 Easy Ways to Get Fit When it's Cold Outside

Posted by Paul Rayner on 16-Jan-2019 10:16:00
Paul Rayner

Woman getting fit in winter

When the weather outdoors feels positively Arctic, the last thing you may feel like doing is putting on your shorts, tying up the laces on your running shoes and heading out for a quick lap around the block. However, with some basic equipment and a touch of creativity, it’s much easier than you think to stay fit all winter long, without freezing in the process! Here, we share six ideas…

1. Indoor Sports

For a start, the word ‘indoor’ should offer you some immediate comfort. When it’s chilly outside, one of the best ways to stay warm and get active is to take part in indoor sports. Whether you’re a ‘complete beginner’ or ‘gunning for Great Britain,’ nowadays there are plenty of opportunities out there, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding something to take part in. Often, you’ll find drop-in sports sessions at your local 1Life centres, from badminton to the new phenomenon of walking football. And if you fancy taking this one step further, you could always join an indoor sports team (for example, your town’s table tennis club) and put your skills to the test in competitive matches. Whether it’s rediscovering a sport you once loved, or trying something completely new, indoor sports are a great way to exercise when the weather’s less than appealing!

2. Stairs

Who would have thought that one of the easiest ways to get fit in winter was standing in front of us the whole time? (Unless you live in a bungalow, of course!) We’ve all experienced the feeling of reaching the top of a flight stairs, out of breath with legs burning! So it makes complete sense to use them for home exercise. Whether they’re inside your house, outside your apartment or at your place of work, stairs offer the chance for a great, high-intensity cardio and leg workout when you’d rather not venture outside.

And before you start thinking that you need to be Rocky Balboa charging up each step in your grey joggers and black beanie, the wonderful thing about stairs is that you can take them at your own pace – from a brisk walk to a full on sprint (just make sure the steps are clear and you’re not going to bump into anyone, or anything!) If you’re just starting out, you may like to add walking intervals between every set of stairs or walk the length of the hallway before starting you next ascent.

3. Dancing

This one couldn’t be any simpler… all you need to do is whack on a few of your favourite tunes and get your body moving (Caution: depending on your dancing ability, it may be best to close the curtains first!) Before you know it, you’ll be the John Travolta of your living room, burning calories as you do the Floss or Harlem Shake (not that Danny from Grease did either of these!) One idea you could follow is to pick three of your favourite songs currently in the charts, and two that bring back the “old skool vibes,” and BAM… you've got yourself a 20-minute workout you can complete while dinner’s in the oven!

4. Video Workouts

Besides stairs and dancing, you could also try dusting off an old workout DVD or finding a HIIT routine on YouTube, such as those by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. Both are great ways to exercise indoors, especially with limited space! And with so many videos out there, you’ll be able to find one that fits your level, giving you the appropriate challenge. To help up the ante and achieve an even better full body workout, try incorporating any fitness equipment own, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, or a skipping rope

5. Active TV Watching

If asked to think of somebody watching TV, most of us would picture them slumped on the sofa; the complete opposite of being active! But here’s the thing… who ever said that you need to be sat down to watch the box?! Instead, get up out of your seat and start jogging on the spot as you take in your favourite show! Or if you think that will make you queasy, wait for the ad breaks, then power through a quick set of burpees, squats or push-ups! You can even turn this into a game… If you know a presenter or main character regularly uses a particular word or catchphrase, set yourself a forfeit for each time they say it, e.g. 10 sit-ups (being as kind or harsh to yourself as you like!

6. Gym Sessions

This one really needs no explanation! Not only will you keep warm while working out at the gym, you’ll also have access to all the right equipment and support from qualified fitness instructors and PTs  to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. You’ll also be able to take part in group exercise classes, meeting new friends along the way; something that’s difficult to do in the winter months when people are hiding away indoors! To locate your nearest 1Life centre, and to discover more about our range of memberships and offers, visit our website: https://www.1life.co.uk/