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A Day In The Life Of A Personal Trainer

Posted by Paul Rayner on 18-Oct-2018 12:07:00
Paul Rayner

A Day In The Life Of A Personal Trainer

For 1Life Personal Trainer Nick Whateley, being a PT is more than just a job it’s a passion, a calling and ultimately his life. Here is Nick’s story about what life as a PT is like and why he’s happy to get out of bed at 5am most mornings… 

“Training is a huge part of my life. I inherited genes that made me the skinny kid at school who could never put on weight, but after years of weight training mixed with learning what foods, proportions and timings of meals suited my metabolism, have led me to create a much stronger, healthier body that I’m happy with… but I’m always looking to improve!

I like to take my own personal enthusiasm and motivation and share it with others in a bid to help them to become better versions of themselves. I don’t believe in pounding the treadmill for hours on end or just eating rabbit food. I work with my client to achieve balance and for me, I believe weight training is the key to improving and maintaining and healthy and happy body. 

Working with clients is never a chore – I love it! The first thing I do with any new client is sit down and get to know them. Chat about them, their lifestyle, background and their goals. I will never dust down an old plan that I used two or 10 years ago but instead tailor each session and indeed each work out to the individual and what they want to achieve.

I train a wide variety of people from 75+ year olds to 21 year olds but I have a motto – age is just a number! I believe weight training is vital to long term health and I will always incorporate it into my programmes; even if it’s just body weight training. For older people, weight training is a great way to fight the onset of osteoporosis, in fact I have one of my clients, who is 65 doing 82.5kg deadlifts and assisted chin ups…they love it!

My clients come to me with a range of desires and goals from losing weight which is pretty standard, through to wanting to be able to stand up without using his arms. Everyday is different and I love what I do…the feeling you get when you help someone achieve a PB is incredible. I take a great deal of pride over my work and I am so proud of the clients I work with. 

I can’t imagine doing any other job. I love what I do and as cliché as it sounds, every day is different. Working for 1Life is great fun, hugely rewarding and helps me to make a positive impact on the community I live and work in. “

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