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David Conway

Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 10 year’s experience training a wide range of clients with a variety of needs, ranging from weight loss to pain relief to improving sports performance.

Recent Posts

What Makes A Good Diet?

Posted by David Conway on 16-Sep-2018 16:45:00

We all know that healthy eating and regular exercise are the foundations for good health, yet in the UK over 50% of adults are either overweight or obese. Research shows that to achieve the best long-term results healthy eating and regular exercise should be combined. If you’re working out five times a week but living on processed foods and takeaways the rest of the time, you’re not only limiting the benefit of the exercise when it comes to weight management, you could also be putting your body under unnecessary stress by not fuelling it properly.

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1Life Family Exercise Classes That Are Fun For Everyone

Posted by David Conway on 28-Aug-2018 17:37:00

The quiet rise in parent-child workouts has taken Matt Roberts (a London fitness guru and personal trainer to the stars) by surprise, he explains “There has been a real change with parent-child relationships becoming more social, with many now enjoying exercising together,” (Daily Telegraph, April 2018). Some experts suggest the rise in families working out together is a backlash to all the screen time and scaremongering about technology creating a sedentary generation.

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6 Easy Exercises To Do At Home

Posted by David Conway on 15-Aug-2018 17:30:00

Over recent years, there has been a shift towards working out at home, with the rise of online programmes, apps and fitness wearables. Here at 1life – we want to support your fitness and wellbeing journey to complement your classes, swimming or gym sessions, by offering support and guidance on easy exercises to do at home. We’ve selected 6 exercises, which require no equipment and help build lean muscle, burn calories and boost endorphins when combined into a short HIIT session, designed to train the whole body in just 20 minutes.

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Try Our Three Month Membership And Start Seeing Results

Posted by David Conway on 09-Aug-2018 11:14:00

When you start a new health and fitness programme you do so with the intention of seeing and feeling results. Whether you’re working towards a fitness goal, you want to relax and unwind or you just want to feel healthier – it’s all about outcomes!

If weight loss is your goal it’s said that it can take four weeks for you to see and feel the difference in your body, eight weeks for friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to appreciate how great you look?

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How Do Your Nutritional Needs Change As You Age?

Posted by David Conway on 07-Aug-2018 17:13:00

The importance of having a balanced, nutritious diet increases as you age. This is because ageing is linked to a variety of changes in the way your body functions. It is good to recognise these changes, as some of them might affect the amount of nutrients we absorb from food.  

As you age, you may find that you eat less than previously. Many people experience a reduced appetite, while others might take medication which affects their eating habits – or suffer from dental issues which make consuming some foods difficult.

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8 Tips For Healthy Eating

Posted by David Conway on 02-Aug-2018 10:59:00

Eating healthily can often be hard - but these 8 helpful tips can get you on the right track towards eating more healthily and improving your overall health.

Don't skip breakfast

Lives are hectic and mornings can be manic, but it’s definitely worth getting into the habit of eating a morning meal. Research suggests people who eat breakfast are slimmer because they tend to eat less during the day – and do not crave those high-calorie snacks between meals.

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Why You Should Have A Regular Exercise Routine

Posted by David Conway on 27-Jul-2018 15:04:34

Exercise is good for us. We know that. Research, experts and evidence tells us that. However, it’s important that you make exercise part of a lifelong love of movement and commit to a regular exercise routine. Here are 11 reasons why.

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9 Really Bad Lifestyle Habits You Need To Change!

Posted by David Conway on 19-Jul-2018 08:57:00

We all have our vices and sometimes in life you can’t always be good 100% of the time, but here are some lifestyle habits you need to look at addressing and changing to be more healthy and positive.

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Group Exercise Classes The Whole Family Will Love!

Posted by David Conway on 29-Jun-2018 08:57:00

We all know physical activity and keeping fit is good for us but not everyone wants to run on a treadmill or pump iron in the weights section of the gym. Group fitness classes are a great way to keep fit and active in a friendly and social environment.

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1Life’s World Cup Work Out!

Posted by David Conway on 21-Jun-2018 16:00:15

With world cup fever taking hold of the nation, 1Life has devised three exercises you can do at home, or in the gym, with a football! So even if you’re not a fan you can still get into the football spirit!

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