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Ab Workouts For Men

Posted by Paul Rayner on 25-Jun-2019 14:49:29

If it’s abs of steel that you’re after then patience and consistency are key here.  To achieve a chiselled torso, it takes more than endless crunches, so read on for the secret to achieving the infamous ‘six-pack’.

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What To Eat Before A Workout

Posted by Paul Rayner on 14-Jun-2019 15:55:42

Whether you are an athlete, a fitness fanatic or someone brand new to exercise, it’s likely you’ll be looking at ways in which you can improve your performance and reach your personal goals. And good nutrition is a key part of this.  

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1Life Classes For Kids

Posted by Paul Rayner on 03-Jun-2019 06:00:00

Forming good habits when young can be the key to maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle later in life. Given the chance, most young children enjoy being active but even by the time they reach school age, some children’s lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary due to increasingly busy family lives, the lure of screen time and other non-active commitments.

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Best Sporting Events Near 1Life Centres

Posted by Paul Rayner on 31-May-2019 14:51:11

It’s ok to admit that some of us need new challenges and goals to keep our health and fitness programme moving forward and progressing. Taking part in an organised sporting events can provide you with the incentive you might need to give your training real focus. These events will not only provide a focus for your training and something to work towards, but they can also act an excellent motivator.  Training with a friend or partner can spur you both on and keep your motivation levels high as you work towards improving your performance ahead of the event.

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Workout Routines For Beginners

Posted by Paul Rayner on 23-May-2019 17:13:40

If you are new to the gym or it has been a while since you last worked out it can be difficult to know where to start.  How much time should you spend on cardio and where do you begin with strength training? These are all questions which might be going through your head.

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Fitness Fashion Trends

Posted by Paul Rayner on 29-Apr-2019 07:00:00


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Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

Posted by Paul Rayner on 23-Apr-2019 06:00:00

Whether you’ve just completed the London Marathon or another epic 24.2-mile race – well done.  What an achievement, we applaud you. Having spent months carefully building up your running distance and eating the right foods to fuel your body it is easy to forget about how you should appropriately recover from running a marathon.  Unfortunately, this is true of many runners but recovery after a gruelling marathon is just as important as the training itself and is often the most undervalued part.

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How Exercise Can Be All You Need To Relieve Stress

Posted by Paul Rayner on 18-Apr-2019 12:46:48

Exercise in almost any form has been proven, time and time again, to be an effective stress-reliever.  Not only does being active boost your feel-good hormones, it also acts as a great distraction from day-to-day worries.  If life is getting a bit hectic and it’s leaving you feeling a bit frazzled why not get moving in a bid to manage stress.

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Start Work On Your Summer Beach Body

Posted by Paul Rayner on 08-Apr-2019 06:00:00

With spring now in the air our thoughts often turn to the fact that summer is just around the corner; and if you’ve booked your summer holiday you might be feeling sheepish when it comes to dusting down the beachwear.  

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Swimming Challenges

Posted by Paul Rayner on 05-Apr-2019 07:00:00


Setting yourself a challenge can be a great way to motivate yourself, improve your performance in the pool and gain a sense of accomplishment while having fun along the way.

Whether you’ve just learnt to swim or are a competitive swimmer, everyone can benefit from setting themselves challenges which will push your boundaries both physically and mentally.

Get motivated

Sometimes, it’s hard to get into gear, or perhaps you’ve lost your way a bit with swimming, and you’ve fallen into the same old routine of swimming for half an hour or completing so many lengths each session. Do you leave the pool wondering if you could have given a little bit more or pushed yourself that bit harder? If this is you, then a challenge could be just what you need to shake up your watery workouts.  

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