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Fitting Exercises in During School Holiday

Posted by Paul Rayner on 02-Apr-2019 06:00:00


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Pre and Post-natal Pregnancy Guide to Exercise

Posted by Paul Rayner on 30-Mar-2019 09:00:00

Your body goes through major changes during and after pregnancy so it’s understandable that during this time you will need to make some changes to your current training programme.  

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Maintaining New Year's Resolution

Posted by Paul Rayner on 27-Mar-2019 09:00:00


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Must Have Swimming Gadgets

Posted by Paul Rayner on 22-Mar-2019 14:16:00


Swimming might seem like a low-tech sport. What more can you need apart from your swimwear and some goggles, right?  Wrong, there a whole host of gadgets and equipment that can make your pool time not only more effective but also more fun.

Here we’ve done a round-up of some of the must-have gadgets to elevate your workout in the water.  

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A Beginner's Guide To Running

Posted by Paul Rayner on 19-Mar-2019 12:01:05

In theory, running might seem simple enough, but it can be a tough new exercise form to crack, especially if you are an absolute beginner. Don’t let this put you off though, as there are endless benefits to running regularly, whether your goal is to get fit or lose weight.

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How to Train for an Extreme Fitness Challenge

Posted by Paul Rayner on 18-Mar-2019 10:14:49

These days, extreme fitness challenges are all the rage, taking us back to a more primitive form of exercise, as we run, leap, hurdle and sometimes swim our way through challenges set in the great outdoors. These offer true tests of strength, endurance and mind over body for people searching for that next big experience. From tackling a Tough Mudder, a gruelling 10-mile obstacle course, to conquering Race to the King, a double-marathon in the Sussex Downs, there is something for everyone to try.

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Top Fitness Trends for 2019

Posted by Paul Rayner on 22-Feb-2019 16:40:44

We all have our preferred ways of exercising, down to the clothes we like to wear and the tech we trust to track our workouts and monitor our progress. But in the ever-evolving world of fitness – with new training methods, devices and applications (apps) popping up year-on-year, and the league table of what’s popular constantly changing – which trends will you give a go in 2019 and beyond?

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The Key to Improving Swimming Techniques/ Times

Posted by Paul Rayner on 21-Feb-2019 10:44:53


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The Importance of Nutrition for Exercise

Posted by Paul Rayner on 15-Feb-2019 16:35:11


Ensuring that you have a healthy and varied diet is essential for your wellbeing and to support your physical activities such as going to the gym or taking part in outdoor sports. When exercising, it’s important to adjust your diet to give your body the energy it needs, otherwise it will be an uphill battle to reach your health and fitness goals. Getting your nutrition right – following the most up-to-date healthy eating guidelines – will help you to perform better, reduce the risk of injury, strengthen your immune system and assist post-workout recovery. But what exactly does a healthy diet look like? Here’s 1Life’s lowdown on three of the main food groups you need to know about…


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Motivation - How to Remain Focused on Your Health and Fitness Goals

Posted by Paul Rayner on 11-Feb-2019 12:19:22

Staying motivated is pivotal to reaching your health and fitness goals, but we know it’s not always easy! During the winter months, it can be particularly difficult to maintain your motivation levels, affecting your ability to keep up with your exercise routine. But it needn’t be hard; all you need to do is remember these key points:

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