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Best Ways To Improve Your Cardio Fitness

Posted by Paul Rayner on 21-May-2018 09:02:00
Paul Rayner

Best Ways to Improve Your Cardio Fitness

Although it seems that weight training and HIIT are all the rage nowadays there’s nothing more satisfying than a good cardio fitness workout.

The key to great cardiovascular (CV) fitness is to get as much oxygen-rich blood from our heart to our muscles, and the ability for our muscles to make the best use of that oxygen.

If you’re trying to build up your fitness level and improve stamina for long distance events such as half marathons, marathons, triathlons etc, low to moderate forms of cardio can and should be performed for extended periods of time to see maintenance and improvements performance.

Anything more than 45 minutes of the chosen activity should do the trick. The key to understanding if you’re working at the right tempo is if you can do what you’re doing and chat but you can’t sing – then you’re at the right tempo. If you can only manage a few words at a time before you need to take a deep intake of breath then you’re working at a vigorous pace.

To improve CV fitness levels it’s important that you push yourself past the point of comfort – as the saying goes “great things happen outside your comfort zone.”

Duration, frequency, and intensity of your training will help boost your CV fitness levels and each of these types of training methods will focus on different energy systems, skills and results.

Long Slow Distance Training

This form of training is most commonly used in endurance and CV training and is the foundation upon which most marathon runners, long-distance cyclists, and other sports build training and performance. It demands long, sustained steady energy outputs. It is also the easiest form of endurance training for those new to exercise. It’s just a case of doing it regularly and increasing your distance.

Pace/Tempo Training

This type of training is at a slightly more intense rate of the long slow distance and is sometimes known as “race pace" as you can go faster and harder for shorter durations, usually 20-30 minutes.


This type of training is becoming more and more popular and involves short, repeated, but intense physical efforts followed by short rest periods.

Circuit Training

Like HIIT, circuit training involves performing a series of specific exercises for a short duration and rotated through in quick in succession with little or no rest in between each exercise. Traditional circuit training can build strength and endurance and can be varied in many ways to meet your end training goal.

Fartlek Training

This combines some or all the above training methods during a long to moderate training session. During the workout you will perform short bursts of high intensity work.

If you need help, support, advice and inspiration why not speak to one of our qualified, expert and friendly personal trainers who will be able to help you with your current and ongoing training needs.


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