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Covid-19 myths busted!

Posted by Justine Williams on 29-Jun-2020 08:11:47

The news we’d been hoping to hear this week; that gyms and indoor leisure facilities could re-open was delayed, much to our frustration. After weeks of planning, preparing, and training we were all told we’d have to wait a little longer to re-open our doors. Although we’re disappointed you can rest assured that when the green light is given, we will be all systems go.

In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the myths that have been doing the rounds over the past weeks and months. These myths is simply not true and we wanted to help further educate you.

The virus can spread in water, in particular swimming pools

There’s no evidence that the coronavirus spreads through water in pools (or hot tubs, spas, or water play areas), In fact evidence suggest that if you’re swimming in a pool with chlorine, the risk of contracting the virus is even lower. “The coronavirus doesn’t survive in chlorinated water,” infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Maryland.

Recommendations state that you should maintain good hygiene when you do visit a swimming pool; anywhere infact! This includes washing your hands and avoiding any shared objects. The guidelines also state that physical and visual cues (lane lines in the water) should be followed to ensure social distancing. So, when our pools do finally re-open it will be more about doing your laps and lengths and less about having a pool party.

Sweaty people will spread the virus!

There’s no evidence to suggest that the virus can be spread by perspiration. We all perspire, some people’s perspiration is more prevalent than other. However, this shouldn’t put you off from attending your favourite fitness class or making the most of the gym facilities when we can re-open. Again, it’s all about personal hygiene and being respectful to other people.

When gyms and facilities do re-open, cleaning rotas will increase and regular cleaning of equipment will take place.   Did you know that in just 30 seconds an alcohol based disinfectant can deactivate / kill the virus on any surface?


Mosquito / other insect bites can spread the virus

There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest or prove the virus can be spread this way, so rest assured you can enjoy the summer weather without fear of transmitting the virus from a bite.

Thermal scanners can detect Covid-19

Many countries and indeed businesses have been using thermal scanners to identify people with high temperatures. And this is exactly what it does – highlight anyone who has a high temperature. Although a high temperature is one of the symptoms of Covid it’s not conclusive. Our advice is to anyone feeling unwell or who has a temperature to stay home and seek medical advice.

Antibiotics are effective in treating Covid-19

No, unfortunately Covid-19 is a virus and antibiotics are only known to work against bacteria. Antibiotics can help manage the symptoms but they will not cure a virus. If you’re feeling unwell and regardless of your symptoms we ask and recommend you stay at home until you’re completely better again.

Hot and sunny weather prevents

Isn’t this sunny weather lovely?! Unfortunately the summer’s heat doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus. Our advice is to follow the government guidance and maintain social distancing measures at all times as well as washing your hands on a regular basis.

Drinking alcohol prevents Covid-19

Despite the pubs opening ahead of gyms and leisure facilities, drinking alcohol doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus. And in fact, drinking too much alcohol can have damaging consequences on your health and wellbeing.


Stay safe and keep fit and well everyone.

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