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Cycling To Success - 1Life Member Tells His Story Of How Cycling Has Helped Him

Posted by Paul Rayner on 11-Jun-2018 16:23:58
Paul Rayner


Phil Hearn has been a member of the Meadhurst club in Sunbury for the best part of 20 years. He’s always had a keen interest in looking after his health and wellbeing and understands keeping active on a regular basis is important.

A few years ago Phil changed his approach and started to cycle. Here he takes up the story: “I was very prone to injury unfortunately, so I was advised to try cycling and I am pleased to say I absolutely love it! As well as road cycling, I attend indoor cycling and spinning classes each week, which are a great way to keep your fitness levels up and mix up the training in between long rides.”

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Phil also sought the help of the 1Life team to offer support and advice. He said: “I have also been working with a Personal Trainer at the Meadhurst club on a one to one basis and it’s been game-changing. He’s really helped and improved my performance on the bike and ensures I am pushing myself both in and out of our sessions.”

Phil has entered several cycling sportives and has completed some challenging events in the UK and the Pyrenees Mountains. This included riding the route covered by Leg 13 of the Tour de France.

Phil added: “I know my base fitness has improved since I have taken up cycling and since working with the PT and the 1Life team. My endurance and technique when I cycle has also improved and I believe this is a result of my PT sessions. What’s great about training with my PT at Meadhurst is you never know what he’s going to do, and no two sessions are the same so there’s no chance getting into a rut with exercising. I love a challenge and since starting cycling and working with a Personal Trainer I certainly get one.”

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