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Discover The Benefits Of Family Fitness At 1Life!

Posted by Paul Rayner on 08-May-2018 09:01:00
Paul Rayner

Family Fitness

Exercise is an important factor in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking part in daily and regular exercise, especially as a family has numerous benefits. There’s never been a better time to get active with your family. There are so many options and activities available to you if you’re looking to improve or enhance your children’s current lifestyle and help guide them in making healthier choices. 

The benefits of spending time as a family are clear and well documented. Building and developing strong family bonds are important for the social and emotional development of children. As children grow up it can be challenging to fit in the all-important family time. Shared meal times will help to maintain this bond but so too can physical activity.

Family Fitness

For many the phrase "family time," often involves going to see a movie or staying in to watch TV together. Although these activities do have their place, try and replace sedentary activities with exercise.  

Allowing your children to be in control of what you do can offer many benefits for their development. Children love to feel a sense of power so let them take the lead when it comes to all exercise and physical activity. There are so many activities they can choose to do at 1Life centres, these include:

  • Swimming and swimming lessons
  • Trampolining  
  • Team sports such as football, netball, basketball – several our centres have in and outdoor pitches and sports halls to play and train
  • Racquet sports such as tennis and badminton – several our centres have in and outdoor courts to play and train
  • Athletics – several our centres have in and outdoor running tracks
  • Climbing – several our centres have climbing calls
  • Golf – several of our centres have golf courses
  • Born to Move™ classes. These combine a motivating and scientifically proven mix of age-appropriate movement with music. The classes captivate children from toddlers to teens and has the potential to foster a lifelong love of movement and exercise. All the classes incorporate a virtual screen but are led by Born to Move™ Activators who bring each class to life with fun and engaging story-telling or moves.  

When it comes to exercise and physical activity assume the role of facilitator or guide but let your children lead in the activities they want to do.  

If exercise and physical activity isn’t something which has featured often in your family lifestyle it’s important to build activity up gradually. Don’t expect to be able to do a 25 mile bike ride followed by a swim and a run around the park straight away.  

The best way to get started on a fitness journey is to create a plan, which involves the whole family. Ask the children to create a schedule filled with activities they love and which they want to do.  

Enjoying active play and physical activity with your family isn't just good for your health it’s also a great way to build life-long family bonds. When you hide and seek, fly a kite or dance like a fool in your front room with the kids you’re creating memories that will stay with your children for a lifetime.

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