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Family Swimming

Posted by Paul Rayner on 02-May-2018 09:00:00
Paul Rayner

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Swimming is a great family activity – it’s fun, accessible and equips your kids with a vital life skill but in the digital age, families spend a great deal of time in front of their screens.

1Life and the swimming industry is encouraging people across the country to turn off their screens and start living more healthily by swimming at their local pool – one of the very few family activities where you can’t take your console.

Spending time together and visiting the pool for a family swim is great for fitness, building confidence, family ties and bonds as well as creating memories; some which will last a lifetime.

Family swimming has several benefits for all members of the family. These include:


Introducing babies to the swimming pool is believed to be good for their learning and development. It is also beneficial for parent and infant bonding and improving the child’s coordination as well as muscle strength.

Young Children

Swimming with younger children is good for developing their awareness of water safety and being confident in and around the water. Supporting your children to learn to swim, especially from a young age will be of benefit in later life. Swimming is also a great form of exercise and all over body movement. It could even highlight true talent and who knows, you might have the next Rebecca Adlington or Adam Peaty in the family!


Swimming can be the perfect easy activity for teenagers. Whether they want to take it more seriously for fitness or just have a splash around for fun, it’s a great way to get them active. 


Swimming allows for family bonding time, have fun and can provide the time to teach your children about being safe in the water and how to swim. If you’re not a confident swimmer yourself, it can be the perfect opportunity to take some adult swimming lessons in a group or on a 1-2-1 basis.


Swimming can involve the whole family – including granny and grandad. Swimming is low impact and easy on the joints.  It strengthens muscles and is a great way of keeping older people active whilst having fun with the family. 

Getting active on a regular basis can add years to your life - and swimming in a pool, especially with your family around you, promises to be fun and pleasurable.  

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