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Fitness Class Ideas For You And Your Kids

Posted by Paul Rayner on 01-Jun-2018 08:57:00
Paul Rayner

Fitness Class Ideas For You and Your Kids

Any parent will tell you than keeping your children entertained is no mean feat. Whilst turning on the TV or iPad might be a quick fix, keeping them fit and healthy and enjoying regular physical activity should always be a priority.

1Life is working with global fitness experts Les Mills to offer Born to Move classes for children between 2-16 year olds. Designed to help young people fall in love with physical activity, Born to Move combines a motivating and scientifically-proven mix of age-appropriate movement with music. They are fun, engaging and guaranteed to get children channelling their energy in all the right ways.

Born to Move 2-3 year olds

Children experience the joy of moving. The classes deliver a fun approach to following instruction while strengthening the bond with the parent / carer. The Born to Move instructor is trained to keep children stimulated and engaged and the classes are regularly updated with new music and moves. The music itself is written especially for the class and the lyrics act as instructions, leading the children through simple moves that build and stimulate awareness and balance.

Born to Move 4-5 year olds

These fun-fuelled classes help four and five-year olds explore how their bodies work. There’s plenty of opportunity to develop self-awareness, balance, coordination and concentration skills as they interpret music, explore and move to a beat. Each 45 or 55-minute class is led by highly trained teacher who will ensure your child is engaged, active and most importantly having fun.

Born to Move 6-7 year olds

For 6-7 year old, the class focuses on fun rather than formal exercise routines. And these classes are the ultimate way to introduce fundamental movement skills. During the 30, 45 or 55-minute classes children move and sing their way through the simple choreography. The moves train body awareness, as well as improve balance, coordination and control. The classes are set to music children love and, as children of this age are primarily visual learners, the highly-trained teacher demonstrates moves that they can easily copy.

Born to Move 8-12 year olds

Your 8-12 year old will love learning a host of current moves from dance, martial arts and yoga. Each 30 or 45-minute class is jam-packed with the latest music and foundation fitness moves and fun games. The highly-trained teachers coach the best from everyone in the class, adapting their approach to match mood and energy levels so everyone ends up feeling great.

Born to Move 13-16 year olds

Born to Move for 13-16 year olds features the freshest moves set to the latest music. These classes promise to get young people active and enjoying physical activity. Each 30 or 45-minute class combines cutting edge moves from martial arts, sports conditioning, dance and yoga. Participants leave feeling fitter, more mentally energized and amped to take on the world.

Want more BORN TO MOVE action at home? Check out the free children’s material available on LES MILLS On Demand.


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