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From Mum To Super Mum - Read One Mum's Reinvigorated Love For Fitness

Posted by Paul Rayner on 28-May-2018 09:07:00
Paul Rayner


Mum of three Khrys, (50) from Cambridgeshire had always enjoyed keeping fit, training as a fitness instructor when she was younger. Since having children investing the time and effort into her health and fitness programme went on the back burner as naturally her priorities changed until one day when she caught sight of herself at a friend’s party. Khrys takes up the story: "I remember looking at myself in the reflection and I had to have a double take. I thought ‘that’s not me’. I had put on weight since having my daughters who were then five and six and I just hadn’t invested the time or effort to lose it. I didn’t like what I saw so I vowed to make the change and get back into regular exercise."

That was eight years ago and Khrys stayed true to her word. She joined her local 1Life centre and started doing a mix of cardio and weights and Khyrs did lose weight. But about a year ago Khrys’ progress plateaued. She was training three or four times a week but she wasn’t seeing any results so she sought the advice of a local personal trainer Nick Whateley of NW Fitness who trains clients at 1Life on a daily basis.

"I had known Nick for some time as I did some of his fitness classes so I asked for his advice about why I wasn’t seeing any results despite training hard and frequently. He explained that this happens all the time. Our bodies get used to a certain way of training and they acclimatise to it. He recommended a one to one session where he could show me new ways to train and develop a programme that I could do on my own. I was amazed. Within two months I could see and feel the difference the new style of training was making. I met up with Nick each month and he would do my measurements and write me a new programme and again the results kept coming. I was buzzing. I’d never felt better, and I was really proud of how I looked. I started to increase my sessions with Nick, which gave me even more motivation."

I had always done some weight training but with Nick we really focussed on this and I cut out the cardio. He taught me new exercises and gave me confidence. A clear highlight of my training so far has been to deadlift 100kg!! When I first started I could do 60kg but now with Nick’s tutorage I am smashing 100kg and aiming for 110kg!"

"I wouldn’t be in the shape I am now without working with Nick. I now train with him once or twice a week as I know he will push me. I have quite a demanding job so coming to the gym is relaxing and can switch off from everything that’s happening in the outside world. I love it."

Khrys’ programme consists of four key workouts

  1. Push work out - works largely the chest muscles and involves pressing / pushing exercises such as press ups, chest and shoulder presses, lateral raises and skull crushers.
  2. Pull work out - which works the big muscle groups such as the legs and back. Typical exercises here are deadlifts, pull ups, lateral pull downs, Cable row and incline bicep curl.
  3. Squat work out - which is exactly that – it’s a leg work out so lots of focus on squatting and lunging and working all muscles in the legs. Box steps with power bag, front squats, dumbbell lunges, leg presses, leg extensions and calf raises.
  4. Corrective work out - which is a work out which is made up of exercises and movements that target areas that need to be improved.

So what’s next for Khrys?

"I would love to compete in a Fitness Model competition for my age group and there are competitions/categories out there for ladies of a certain age. Lots of people from my son to friends and even Nick have said I could do it. It would require commitment, training and focus but I think I am ready for it. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while so I hoping to commit this year."

"My advice to anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up or just feel better about themselves is to get up right now and do it. Go along to your local gym and chat to a PT. They are extremely supportive and want to help people like me and you. And if you can, sign up for a few one to one sessions. Even one is enough. They will give you a programme to follow and will give you the confidence to use new equipment and challenge your training style."

If Khyrs has inspired you and you want to find out more about training at your local 1Life centre please click here for more information.

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