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Group exercise is back at 1Life – here are your must-try classes

Posted by Paul Rayner on 25-May-2021 12:32:11
Paul Rayner

Last week, the latest round of relaxation of Covid restrictions have seen the return of group exercise classes. We’re delighted to welcome back our 1Life members as for many, group exercise forms a vital part of their fitness routines.

Our 1Life centres offer an extensive timetable of varied classes to suit all ages and fitness levels. In line with the latest advice, we are following strict Covid-secure procedures, including; a booking system to limit class numbers, designated space for each exerciser, thorough cleaning of equipment between each use and increased ventilation of studios, so you can rest assured we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

Group classes are a great way to workout with friends and other like-minded people, helping to keep you motivated and push yourself that bit further. They also provide an opportunity to try something new which can complement any other forms of exercise you might do.

Here’s a run down of some of the must-try classes on offer at your local 1Life centre to help you get back on track with your fitness.


Do you enjoy a chilled-out class for a bit of ‘me time?’ If you like the benefits of mind-body practices such as yoga and tai chi, BODYBALANCE™ should feature on your list of must-try classes. This yoga-based class includes exercises from Pilates and tai chi and is designed to centre the body while lengthening and strengthening muscles. The aim of BODYBALANCE™ is to strengthen the core, promote flexibility and focus the mind, helping you to relax.

Classes vary between 30 to 55 minutes in length and begin with a tai chi warm-up consisting of flowing moves to centre the mind and warm the body. Next, is a series of yoga and Pilates movements to strengthen and stretch the muscles. The class then concludes with meditation and observation of the effects of the class on the body and mental state. The workout should be done barefoot and is based on a yoga mat.

The class is beneficial to all fitness levels and is based on low-impact exercises making it ideal for people who like a less intense workout. According to group fitness innovator, Les Mills, the workout can burn up to 390 calories.

  1. THE TRIP™

Are you looking to take your workout to the next level? Then look no further than THE TRIP™. This fully immersive workout experience combines a 40-minute, multi-peak cycling workout featuring a journey through digitally-created worlds. The innovative class is based on a combination of music, video and exercise which wraps around your senses to deliver an exercise experience like no other.

The visual content is projected on to a cinema-size screen with the content perfectly synchronised with the music and exercise. Trained instructors are there to cue all the moves but the experience can be made your own depending on your fitness levels.

This technology-lead class is designed to put you through your paces and get the heart pumping while being low-impact on the joints. THE TRIP™ is ideal for those looking to burn calories and lose weight as well as improve their general fitness levels for other sports.


BODYCOMBAT™ is another popular class developed by group fitness expert, Les Mills which encourages you to punch and kick your way towards your fitness goals. Not only is it a great whole-body cardio, it is also a fun way of burning fat, releasing stress and improving your co-ordination.

No martial arts experience is needed to start feeling the benefits of BODYCOMBAT™ as all the instructors demonstrate each move to ensure everyone can get involved, regardless of age, ability or experience level.

The hour-long class is sure to blast away the cobwebs as it combines moves from karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai and kung fu; working through a series of hooks, jabs, upper cuts, kicks and high knees. The class also includes functional training moves such as squats, push ups and lunges to really put you through your paces. Don’t forget to wear comfy clothes and pack a water bottle.

On average, you’ll burn around 740 calories for every 60-minute BODYCOMBAT™ workout you attend. Although this might vary a bit depending on your weight and height, the fact remains that this is a productive way to burn calories and fat. This makes the class ideal for those who are looking to lose weight.    

  1. Aqua Fit

Fancy taking a dip as you get fit? 1Life offer a range of “Aqua” classes, such as Aqua Fit which is aerobic based. These fun classes are perfect for any age or ability and in some cases non-swimmers, although check with your local centre first.

Water based classes are great for helping you to tone up as the water adds resistance to any movement you make. This helps to work your body harder while increasing your stamina but the water helps to reduce stress on the joints for an effective workout which is kind to the body. Water-based exercise is excellent for gentle rehabilitation after injury.

All you will need to get started is appropriate swimwear, a towel and a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout your session.


If you usually shy away from the free-weights area in the gym then BODYPUMP™ is the class for you. This fast-paced, barbell-based workout has been specifically designed to help you get lean, toned and fit. The workout consists of a winning combination of motivating music, enthusiastic instructors and scientifically proven moves to help you achieve these targets more quickly than you would working out on your own.

BODYPUMP™ makes use of what’s known as ‘The Rep Effect’. This is a proven way to help you develop lean, athletic muscle by lifting light weights while performing a high number of repetitions, instead of heavy weights with fewer reps. This popular class offers several benefits and is beneficial to all sorts of training goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or tone up; BODYPUMP™ can help you achieve your goals, quickly.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be able to lift heavy weight to participate in a class. These classes have options to suit just about everybody. If you’re completely new to the class then you can start off with very light weights, or even just the bar, and only complete the first four or five tracks in your initial few sessions. This will give your body chance to adapt and build your strength and fitness gradually.

Wearing comfortable workout clothes and supportive trainers and bringing your own towel and water bottle are a good idea for this class.

Remember, exercise classes are designed to be fun and inclusive so don’t worry if you’re new, you’ll soon get the hang of them. Our friendly instructors look forward to welcoming you.

For further information on the 1Life classes on offer or to view the timetable, visit www.1life.co.uk and search for your nearest leisure centre.

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