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How A Personal Trainer Can Help Create A Healthy And Happy Exercise Routine

Posted by Paul Rayner on 18-Jun-2018 08:58:00
Paul Rayner

How a Personal Trainer Can Help Create a Healthy and Happy Exercise Routine

Training with a personal trainer (PT) is no longer a luxury enjoyed by the rich and famous. The benefits they can offer you and your training routine are plentiful and they can make an incredible difference to your lifestyle.
There are believed to be over 25,000 personal trainers in the UK, which means there promises to be PT to suit everyone’s personality and fitness type; whether you need some tough love, or you want someone who is encouraging and empathetic they’ll be a PT for you. The goal of a PT is to work with their client to offer support, advice, guidance and programmes to help them achieve health and fitness related goals.

At the start of any PT and client relationship, a PT will work with you to understand, define and visualise your fitness goals and create a plan of how you can achieve them. Your current fitness levels will be assessed, and you’ll work together to improve these; but don’t worry, you won’t be running a half marathon during your first session. To begin with it’s likely that your PT will set you smaller goals which are specific and realistic and from here you can build upon and improve these.

Personal trainers are qualified experts who are trained to be able to create a specific workout plan just for you based on the goals you want to achieve. They won’t offer you a universal / off the shelf fitness programme but instead talk and work with you to understand what exercises you enjoy doing and those which will enable you to achieve your health and fitness goals. They will always ensure the programme is tailored to you and will be mindful of any injuries or aversions you might have.

If you’re brand new to fitness working with a PT is great as they will demonstrate how to effectively and safely perform each exercise to avoid injury, giving you the confidence to train on your own as well.

Motivation is something many of us can struggle with and although we might feel upbeat and motivated when we first join a gym, this can often dwindle and can be hard to maintain, especially when you exercise on your own. Working with a PT will create a sense of accountability. This is particularly great if you often lack self-motivation - a personal trainer could be crucial in getting your new fitness routine off the ground.

If you exercise on your own, it is far easier to skip a session here and there or stop altogether, since there's no one to hold you to your actions. If you work with a PT you’re more likely to show up to each session – whether it’s fear of letting them down or not wanting to lose the money.

Many people might visit the gym frequently but when they do they might feel complacent and just do the same exercises, working the same muscle groups which in time will see any training programme plateau. A PT will always give you a variety of exercises and some trainers will never deliver the same exercises. Your exercise programme has the potential to be incredible. A PT can choose machines, body weight exercises, free weights and functional training, they can use props like balls and straps, boxing, there's no end to the combinations you could be working on. PTs will also ensure each session is completely tailored to your fitness level to ensure you can carry out the exercises safely and effectively but also to ensure you continually progress.

We all appreciate time is precious. A PT will work with you to understand the time you can commit to sessions and exercising outside of your sessions to ensure the programmes they prepare for you maximise the time you have available.

Committing to working with a PT will give your fitness and health programme a boost. You will quickly see and feel the benefits, and this will translate in a positive way to all areas of your life.


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