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How Busy Parents Can Turn Everyday Chores Into Exercise

Posted by Paul Rayner on 11-Apr-2018 09:04:00
Paul Rayner

House Chorse

If like many you sometimes find yourself sacrificing a work out to catch up on some household chores you’ll be pleased to know that cleaning the house burns plenty of calories too.

A study published in the Lancet Journal in 2017 showed that doing housework and ensuring your house is clean gives you more than a sense of pride – it’s actually good at keeping you fit and healthy.  

So, if you can’t face leaving the house or just can’t spare the travel time to the gym, why not done a comfy pair of jogging bottoms, some supportive footwear and turn up the tunes and clean like you’ve never cleaned before!  

As you clean and tidy your home, you’ll be bending, reaching, twisting and turning, walking up stairs, and carrying things. It’s important you keep your core engaged and make each of your movements count.

If you’re mopping, don’t just use your arms.  Twist your upper body to the right and to the left to move the mop.  If like many, you always forget something upstairs – use this to your advantage and run up the stairs; even set yourself a stair challenge.  You can burn about 422 calories in 30 minutes by running up and down the stairs. It’s VITAL that you apply proper technique when running up and down the stairs in order to protect your knees and joints from pain and injury.  Push off from your toes (not your heels) and really control the movements. Pumping your arms will help with momentum and maintain good balance.  

A novice won’t be able to run up and down the stairs for 30 minutes from day one so build up slowly and steadily to this and use the interval technique.  

They say gardening is good for the soul but it’s also one heck of a workout if you focus on moving your body as much as you focus on the plants!

Gardening is known to burn 184 calories in just 30 minutes and what’s more, it’s a great way to strengthen and tone your major muscle groups, like your abs, back and glutes.  If you want to push yourself a little more whilst in the garden try and weed whilst in a standing position and as you bend from the waist, bend your legs slightly and engage your abs. You can also squat as you weed – a great way to work those large muscle groups in your glutes.  Another great exercise is to grab your full watering can, holding the nozzle in one hand and the handle in the other and perform oblique twists. You can also do arm and leg extensions when you’re on your hands and knees mulching, planting or thinning. The possibilities are endless but always take care.  

The Mail Online went a step further and have calculated the calorie burn for numerous activities. Check out the article here.


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