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How To Avoid A Midlife Crisis

Posted by Paul Rayner on 30-Jul-2018 16:51:24
Paul Rayner

How to Avoid a Midlife Crisis

If like many, you still feel like you’re 24 years of age – mentally that is, but when you look in the mirror the wrinkles, age spots and grey hair tells a different story – you’re not alone.

Mid-life can creep up on you and this time of your life can be quite daunting and upsetting, with many people going through some sort of “midlife crisis”. Although this can be quite common it doesn’t mean you should accept it and there are in fact things you can do around healthy living to completely avoid this all together. And in fact, mid-life (which is believed to be around 40-50) can provide you with a great opportunity to re-focus and re-align your life and lifestyle.

Talk about your feelings

Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s actually a symbol of courage. It shows that you’re being proactive and taking charge of your mental wellbeing in a bid to make any situation better for all involved. And on the flip side having someone to listen to you can help you feel more supported and less isolated and alone. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to those close to you, there is lots of support online from trained and qualified professionals.

Be proactive about your health

For many young people, good health, a good metabolism and bundles of energy is often taken for granted but as we get older this dial soon shifts.

Don’t be blindsided by a health issues such as high cholesterol or even menopause. Making small and sensible changes now to your health, diet and physical activity levels will make a big difference further down the track. Ensure you’re exercising regularly, eating a well balanced and healthy diet and getting regular health checks by a trained and qualified professional.

Visualise and plan for the future

Have you achieved all you want to achieve and are you ticking off the things on your bucket list? Instead of pondering about where the years have gone and how time flies, be proactive and focus on achieving and doing things you always wanted to, whether it’s a trip to Australia, running a marathon or simply having afternoon tea at the Ritz – start writing and planning down all the things you want to do and which will make you happy and start ticking them off your list!. You should be smiling with anticipation.

Invest in good relationships

Family and friends are the most important contributor to a happy life – whatever your age. Ensure you’re investing enough in building and maintaining that support system for the future as these people will be vital as you get older. Make time to socialise and enjoy your friends and family. Being with loved ones has a huge impact on your mental wellbeing.

Similarly with marriages and relationships – they evolve and grow over time so it’s important you invest in this area too. Work on ensuring you remain close and look to take up a new hobby or activity together, maybe you can go to the gym together – try and find time for you both to do things together.

Give back something back

Offering your services, voluntarily (no matter how small) is proven to reap many benefits to not only others but you as well. It’s a great way to get out, try something new and meet more like minded people.

Learn something new

Just because you’re getting older it doesn’t mean you have to settle with your current situation. If you have the time, learn a new language, take up a new sporting activity or hobby like golf or tennis. This will not only give your body a work out it gives your brain one too!

It’s not all doom and gloom. Age is just a number and there are many, many middle aged and older people out there who really are living their best life! Research shows that as we get older we have improved emotional experience and more positive emotions that we can draw upon. What’s more, apparently people who hit the mid-life threshold actually become happier! So embrace your time, make the most of it and live your life!


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