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How to stay motivated whilst socially distancing

Posted by David Conway on 06-May-2020 18:35:46
David Conway

The UK has now been socially distancing for more than six weeks.  This means six weeks of having to completely change, overhaul and modify everyday, normal life.  Many families are trying to juggle home schooling with full or part time work, whilst others have been furloughed and can’t work or have to simply stay at home and self-isolate; whichever camp you’re in, life is tough. 

If you scroll on your social media feeds, you’re likely be inundated with live fitness classes and workouts and whilst they look amazing it can sometimes be hard to muster the energy to join in.  A lack of routine and normal life can lead to a huge dip in personal motivation levels – and if this how you’re feeling; you’re not alone.  We want to help.  In a bid to keep you somewhat focussed, here are some top tips for staying motivated during this time of social distancing. 

Create a new routine

Create a new routine and agree it with your family if you need to.  For example, if like many of us, you are missing your usual group exercise classes, you’ll be pleased to know many of our clubs are now live streaming workouts on Facebook.  Our top tip is to identify when and what class you want to do and book on (via your own calendar or family calendar) to ensure you attend.  Exercising is a natural energy booster, once you’ve done the class or workout your endorphins will be flowing, your blood will be pumping and you’ll feel great.    

Support and accountability

Talk to friends and family about your desire to do more exercise and explain that you would like to tune into one, two or as many classes as you can a week or simply go for a bike ride, run or walk.  Ask them to encourage and support you.  If you are responsible for the child-care then ask your partner (if possible) to take-over while you have some time to yourself for a fitness class or other form of exercise.  It is likely they will enjoy some time with the kids too (maybe?!!)

Start small

Don’t be too ambitious.  Don’t try to commit to working out every morning. Instead, try to attend one, two or three classes or just work out twice a week.  Achieving this will be easier than committing to working out each day.  Just by achieving this short-term goal will give you the motivation and encouragement you need to continue and maybe up your exercise sessions.   

Shout it from the roof tops – or at least social media!

Sharing your work out highs and lows on social media or with friends can really help you with your health and fitness journey.  It’s likely you’ll get a great deal of support, encouragement and advice along the way. Instagram is a great way to find advice and support by using and looking in different hashtags.  Whether you’re looking for some motivating words or a healthy recipe or even to find someone similar to you, trying to achieve similar goals you might find it a useful tool to help with your healthy exercise routine.  And who knows, you might inspire others within your family and friendship groups to exercise more and become more motivated.    

Be prepared

If you want to exercise mid-morning or in the afternoon why not change into your work out gear first thing in the morning.  You might be more likely to go for that jog, power-walk or attend an online class if you are dressed for it.  

Good luck and if you have any tips we’d love to hear them – tag us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. 


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