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How To Stay Motivated With Your Healthy Exercise Routine

Posted by Paul Rayner on 24-Jul-2018 15:07:00
Paul Rayner

How To Stay Motivated With Your Healthy Exercise Routine

One of the most important parts of any new (or old) healthy exercise routine is motivation. At times is can be hard to muster the motivation to train or workout, especially if you’ve had a tough day or there are other distractions that pull you away from training.

In a bid to keep you all focussed, here are our top tips for staying motivated on your healthy exercise routine.

Set the alarm

If you struggle to leave work or escape the household chores and responsibilities in the afternoon and evening, try to get up early and exercise at the start of the day. Exercising is a natural energy booster, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll be too tired come 3pm. And this way you won’t need to worry or think about making the time to work out as you’d have already achieved your daily dose.

Workout buddy

Working out and exercising with a friend is a great way to ensure you’ll stick to your planned sessions as you’ll be less likely to back out nor want to let them down.

Visualise your goals

Write down your goals or visualise what you want to achieve and put them somewhere you will see regularly - such as the fridge. When you think about skipping a workout or having another piece of chocolate you might reconsider if you can see what you’re aiming for.

Understand the ‘why’

Linked into the point above, it can often be easy to remember why you wanted to start a new healthy exercise routine especially straight after a holiday or Christmas for example, as it usually follows a prolonged period of over-indulgence but fast forward five or 15 weeks and it can be harder to convince yourself to keep going. Therefore, write down WHY you want to achieve your goals and keep them at the forefront of your mind. Maybe stick these next to your goals but keep them somewhere you’ll see them everyday, and this should help with any de-motivation.

Track your progress

Keep a fitness or exercise journal and note down achievements and successes. Make a note of when you started and all the vital stats about when you started. Then re-evaluate this every six weeks – if you have stuck to your healthy exercise routine you’ll see and feel the difference, and this will be motivation to continue.

Write a plan and tell people about it

For some people, writing down when they will exercise and even writing it on the calendar / putting it in the diary will make you more likely to stick to it. Why not tell your family, friends or work colleagues what you’re aiming to do and get them to help encourage and motivate you to stick to your workout plans and goals. You’re more likely to leave work on time if your colleague also reminds and encourages you.

Shout it from the rooftops – of at least social media!

Similarly, you can look to share your fitness journey with friends and family on social media. It’s likely you’ll get a great deal of support and advice along the way. Instagram is a great way to find advice and support in different hashtags, so whether you’re looking for some motivating words or a healthy recipe or even to find someone similar to you, trying to achieve similar goals you might find it a useful tool to help with your healthy exercise routine.

Be prepared

Pack your gym bag and workout kit the night before and either leave it by the front door of pop it on the car. That way, if you’re rushing the in the morning you won’t forget it and you won’t have to spend valuable time hunting for your trainers or shorts!

Celebrate the wins!

It's important that you recognise, celebrate and reward yourself for achieving your goals. Have a night out, buy a new top or go for a massage – reward yourself anyway you like but it’s important you do as this will encourage you to keep going.

Make it fit your lifestyle

If you want to workout and start your healthy exercise routine in a gym look for one that’s close by and ideally one you drive past or near to on a regular basis. If you have to travel 30 or 40 minutes out of your way it will be harder to maintain motivation to visit.

Don’t set a HUGE goal

Apparently 40% of the UK make exactly the same resolution to lose weight (usually on January 1st) each year and many of those people only last two weeks trying to achieve it! Therefore, set smaller, more achievable short-term goals which lead you to achieve your overall aim. Maybe you will aim to complete 3 gym sessions, a 30 minute walk each day and replace wine with water this week. Whatever you want to achieve, break it down into more manageable and attainable actions.

Good luck and if you have any tips we’d love to hear them – tag us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter!


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