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Swim Your Way To Better Health

Posted by David Conway on 02-Dec-2019 15:32:31
David Conway


Swimming has long been recognised as an enjoyable form of exercise, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but a recent study by Swim England has highlighted just how incredible the health benefits of swimming are, which is helping to save the NHS an impressive £357 million a year. 


Swim England’s Value of Swimming report has helped to highlight how water-based exercise is helping to improve the health and wellbeing of people.  Following the findings of this report, Swim England is urging the Government and healthcare professionals to maximise the benefits of swimming to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.  

The report collected and analysed data from regular swimmers at more than 1,000 pools in England over the past 12 months. This data was then applied to the academic research undertaken by Sheffield Hallam University using the industry-recognised DataHub – Social Value Calculator tool to calculate the savings to the NHS. 

If you’re still not convinced and need some extra motivation to head to your local swimming pool, here are a few more of the key findings from the report:  

Swimmers report feeling on average 6.4% healthier than non-swimmers – this is comparable to feeling 12 years younger. 

Adults who swim were 4.3% happier than non-swimmers. 

Of the 4.7 million adults who swim at least twice a month, more than half (2.7 million) are women. The report highlights how swimming particularly benefits women and girls, more than doubling their self-confidence. 

1.4 million adults feel that swimming had significantly reduced their symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

The 1.88 million children aged 7-16 years in England who swim rate a “higher feeling of life being worthwhile” compared to those who didn’t. 

Swimmers are more likely to be socially connected – and 26.7% less likely to have no friends compared to non-swimmers. 

We hope we’ve done enough to encourage you to dive in and start discovering the benefits of swimming.  Whether you want to improve your own swimming technique, learn this amazing life-skill for the first time or just enrol your own toddler or child for swimming lessons, we have it all covered!  We offer a range of age and skill appropriate lessons for you and your family and offer them at our leisure centres across the country.  For more information please visit: