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A Trauma-Informed PT Reveals Why Strength Training Can Be Meditative

Posted by Emma Hogan on 07-Jun-2022 12:20:23

Think you have to perform tree pose to find mindfulness in movement? Think again. A trauma-informed personal trainer shares her journey to healing through strength training, and how to make exercise work for your mental health.

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Topics: keep active, wellbeing, mental health, health, fitness

Which Exercise Delivers The Neurochemicals You Need To Thrive?

Posted by Emma Hogan on 08-Apr-2022 08:00:00

Be more creative, improve focus, lessen anxiety, sleep better, and curb dementia risk. Sound too good to be true? Canadian neuroscientist Dr. Jennifer Heisz has unearthed the one type of training that delivers maximum neurological benefit – and has mapped how different types of exercise nurture our minds in different ways.

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Topics: keep active, mental wellbeing, wellbeing, mental health, health, fitness, sleep

Show Yourself Some Love This February

Posted by Adelle Wood on 08-Feb-2022 07:00:00

February is the host of Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate than by showing yourself some love this month.

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Topics: mental wellbeing, motivation, mental health, Valentines Day, health, fitness

The Confusing Truths About Alcohol

Posted by Emma Hogan on 01-Feb-2022 13:46:31
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Our Guide for a Strong Start to 2022

Posted by Adelle Wood on 29-Dec-2021 08:55:45

The past 2 years have been extremely tough on us all and it has impacted us in different ways, but I think one thing is for certain, we have all had to focus a lot more on our health.

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Topics: Healthy eating, motivation, winter exercise, wellbeing, mental health, gym, health, fitness

The Smartest Pre-Holiday Fitness Prep

Posted by Emma Hogan on 10-Dec-2021 11:30:00

There’s one workout that will get you fit and strong fast, helping you maintain your gains for longer even when you take a break from exercise.


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Topics: keep active, motivation, winter, health, fitness

Getting back to fitness with 1Life

Posted by James Cole on 02-Nov-2021 09:00:03

Get back to fitness with 1Life with a FREE 7 day pass

7 Day Pass

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Topics: winter exercise, gym, 1Life, health, fitness

How to boost your health and immunity

Posted by Paul Rayner on 26-Mar-2021 08:34:23

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed health and wellbeing to the forefront of everyone’s mind, whether that involves overcoming obstacles like the closure of gyms, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or having the extra time to form some new, healthier habits.

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Topics: keep active, wellbeing, health, fitness

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