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The Importance Of Family Fitness At 1Life

Posted by Paul Rayner on 25-Jun-2018 15:58:09
Paul Rayner


Rebecca and Emyr moved out of London in 2016 and a year later, Mia was born. Both Mum and Dad always had a strong and keen interest in sport and keeping fit, so it was important this continued when they became parents.

Rebecca takes up the story: “Going to the gym is a habit and something both Emyr and I were keen to continue after Mia was born. I typically get the gym about three or four times a week and largely do the group training classes. I like the fact I can turn up and I don’t need to think about what I have to do. I always have great instructors at the front of the class leading us through various exercises.”

The family regularly visit their local club in Wyboston together. Mia and Emyr hit the pool and Rebecca will do a group fitness class. Emyr says: “I love taking Mia swimming on a Saturday morning. It’s great to have some father and daughter time and I love seeing Mia grow in confidence as the splashes and jumps around in the water. I also think it’s positive that Mia is exposed to both Rebecca and I doing exercise on a regular basis. This way she will grow up and recognise that exercise and physical activity should be part of your everyday lifestyle.”

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Rebecca admits it can be hard to juggle work and child-care and adds: “What I love about 1Life at Wyboston is the variety of classes and the times – there’s always great early morning classes on which means I can get my work out in early, leaving the rest of the day to focus on work and Mia.”

Emyr adds: “What struck me about 1Life at Wyboston was how friendly the members are. I have been to gyms in the past where no one makes eye contact but here everyone is really friendly, so it makes having a work out fun and the time flies by!”


The couple learnt about Wyboston after registering for a 1Life card. They were able to have a free trial at the centre and see (and feel) for themselves the great facilities and services available to them at their local 1Life centre.

Rebecca said: “What’s great about our membership is that we have access to so many other products and services at a discounted rate. The offers and promotions available to 1Life members is amazing. I am always flicking through my reward book to see where I can save money – it’s great!”

Looking ahead to the next few months the couple are reviewing their workout plans and Emyr commented: “There are some great workout plans available online via the 1Life website and we use these to help guide us. We are also considering working with a PT to help focus our efforts and ensure we get the results we want.”

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