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Walking Your Way To Health And Happiness

Posted by David Conway on 21-Feb-2018 11:30:57
David Conway


Walking is a great form of exercise and one which you can do pretty much anywhere. Walking briskly can help to build stamina, burn calories and can help to keep your heart healthy.

Since the launch of pedometers and more recently exercise trackers, it’s recommended that you take at least 10,000 steps a day for a healthier lifestyle.

A sedentary person will usually walk about 1,000 – 3,000 steps a day so why is the goal of 10,000 steps important? Achieving a step count of 10,000 each day typically burns 2,000 to 3,500 extra calories each week, which roughly speaking equals one pound of body fat. So if you achieve the goal of 10,000 steps per day you could achieve a steady weight loss of one pound a week, improving your health and happiness.

Sometimes though, for those who are often bound to a desk job, hitting the 10,000-step goal can seem just as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. Don’t despair. We have 13 top tips to help you reach the all-important 10,000 mark!

1. When doing the washing just take one item at a time to the washing line or clothes airer or if ironing put away each item as soon as it’s ironed

2. Walk up and down the stairs whilst you clean your teeth

3. Swap the lift or escalators for the stairs

4. Park in the furthest spot from the supermarket or shops

5. Pace the room or go for a walk if you’re waiting for an appointment or meeting

6. If you can, use the toilets or coffee machines on a different floor

7. Go for a stroll and speak directly to a colleague or co-worker instead of emailing

8. Host a walking meeting so you can walk as you talk – research also proves walking and talking achieves far more than traditional seated meetings

9. Can you walk the kids to school instead of driving them?

10. Give the dog an extra walk before bed or first thing (or if you don’t have a dog can you walk the neighbour’s dog!)

11. Swap a date at the cinema or local restaurant for a romantic walk in the park

12. Wear trainers – you’ll be more likely to walk those few extra steps if you have comfy footwear on

13. If it’s feasible walk the long route to wherever you’re going


Walking is great.  It’s free to do and will often take us on new and exciting adventures.  Next time you’re on a walk - let us know where you’re going and even better, send us snaps. Simply tag us on Facebook or Instagram.  

Happy hiking!


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