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What To Consider When Joining A Gym

Posted by David Conway on 13-Jun-2018 08:57:00
David Conway

What to Consider When Joining a Gym

Whether you’re joining a gym for the first time or are shopping around for a better deal or a gym that better suits your fitness needs, it’s an important decision and you should weigh up several factors before signing up.

  1. It’s important the gym you join fits in and will support you to achieve your goals and ambitions. If you love swimming, there’s no point joining a gym without a pool.

  2. You should also think about what you want to achieve by joining a gym. Do you want to lose weight? Manage an injury? Improve your current performance? Or add some variety to your training? It’s important these factors are considered when choosing a new gym.

  3. If group exercise and training is your thing then check out the class timetable. Ensure there are classes you might enjoy and at times that suit your lifestyle.

  4. If you think you might need some additional support and training and even contemplating working with a PT, ensure your gym has these services on hand and always be sure to get a complete tour of the facilities before signing up.

  5. When you have a tour be sure to have a look at the whole facility – changing and locker rooms, fitness studios, pool etc.

  6. Have a chat to other members too. Ask them what they like about the club. Do they seem friendly and welcoming? It’s always nice to go somewhere and be greeted by a friendly face.

  7. Our advice is to join a facility that offers the most or at least gives you access to the most varied facilities. Whilst you might join one club that is near to you it might be that you can access other leisure centre services within the area.

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